Our Find 


After searching for year and a half on Craigslist from coast to coast nightly for various toyota campers, we had come to the conclusion it just wasn't meant to be.  One Morning before work a quick craigslist search yielded this funky 1983 born jem - After an email to the owner (Eleanore) we were disheartened to hear that 5 other people/couples were already lined up for a showing before we could get out of work and get first refusal - Dang!


Impatiently waiting all day and working like  fiends, we happily made our trek from Portland to Arundle (approximately 30 minutes) for  viewing .  The exterior was in need of some TLC, but the interior...well, you can see for yourself, what's to no fall in love with!? 

Raw Power

Then came the moment of truth - How does it run?  With a twist of the key the vessel belovedly named Neige came to life, and ideled like a purring Tiger.  All estimated 100 horses ( New it pushed out 130hp)  ready for a road trip.  After the bumpy test ride, mostly they dry rotted tires,  we made an offer and our journey begin.  

What We Know

These Campers were built in Colton, CA 92324 by Sandtana Industries, Inc.
The chassis was purchased from Toyota, someone with limited metal working experience cut and extended to frame with some extra thick steel, and built the camper portion much like a house.  Online searches have yielded limted results, although we did find one website to be particularly useful:
Aside from details outlined from the above website, we don't know when the company began or ended, how many were produced, or if any other chassis aside from the toyota were used.  What we do know is:
* The top does in fact tilt on a Tilt-Top                                                                             
                 *The unit is under 20ft in length (RCAMPAH is extended for additional storage)
*It fits through a standard garage door                                                                           
*Drives like a car                                                                                                                          
*Was likely made  as  surf-mobile for the California parking lots                   
                                                                      *Our camper was originally sold to its owners in NY                                                                                                                    
*They get more looks and comments than high end sports cars                     
*It fits all our basic needs                                                                                                      

                            If you happen to know more about these wonderful pieces of fantastical history, please reach out to us through the link below:                                                                  

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Our Updates

            Before                                                    Current

RCAMPAH upon purchase was in good condition for the year - But she needed some TLC.  Updates made so far include:

*New Tires
*New Brake Calipers
*Radiator Flush
*Good General Maintenance (Fresh Mobile 5W-30 oil)
*Fresh Spark Plugs, Wires, Rotor and Rotor Button (Thank you LCE performance)
*Floor Patch (Japenese cars rust? )
*New Chrome Bumper
*Craigslist Find - American Racing 14x8 Wheels
*Freshly Painted Grille & Mirrors
*Front Side Window Tint
*Plastidipped White Hood
*New clear parking corner lenses
*New fender parking lights
*Alternative La-Cu-Caracha Horns
*Craigslist Find - Hella 550 Driving lights



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    Family 4th of July
    Family Gathering in Effing, NH - Driveway camping at its best
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    Labor Day 2017
    Mt. Blue State Park Maine
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    Maiden Voyage 2018
    Lake Umbagog State Campground
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    Weekend Cruise
    Sunday River Region
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    2018 Weekend Getaway
    Clear Stream Campground - Erroll, NH
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